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Scalextric Maserati MC 12


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Sideways by Racer Porsche 935 Moby Dick

Limited Edition

Sideways by Racer Porsche 935


Le Mans Miniatures Audi R18 / Limited Edition

Black Magic !



NSR Corvette C6R #68

The Corvette C6R is a custom paint job and so you can't find it commercially.


NSR Fiat 500 Assetto Abarth Lotus

Small, but damned fast.......


Topfuel Porsche 911 GT2

This Topfuel Porsche was only built in a small series and is on wooden tracks really fast.

Slot Car


Sideways by Racer BMW M1 Schnitzer #12 Limited Edition

Slot Car

13/04/2015 Ford GT 40 Gulf #6 24H Le Mans 1969

To take advantage of the interest in the increasingly popular race at Le Mans and Indianapolis in the 60s for the marketing of Ford, 1962 Henry Ford II wanted aboard the international racing. To be sucessful as quickly as possible, Henry Ford II had in mind, to buy the complete Ferrari company.  After the negotiations failed, he decided to build its own sports program and presented in 1964 proudly the GT 40. And the Ford GT 40 was very successful. In the years 1966 - 1969 it won 4 times in a row the 24H of Le Mans. From 1964 - 1969 a total of 134 racing- and road cars were built. Ford GT 40


Fly Chevrolet Corvette C5R Cric Crac 20 Aniversario 

Fly Chevrolet Corvette
Slotracing Chevrolet Corvette


Fly Porsche 917 Spyder #11 Champion Interserie 1971

Especially for the CanAm - Cup (a series of sports car racing in the years 1966-1974 in North America) the 917er was built with a spyder body.

Slotcar Fly Porsche Spyder
Slotcar Fly Porsche 917 Spyder
Porsche Spyder 917