News - Brand New - January - March 2015


SRC Porsche 907K #27 Vila Real 1971

Pictures SRC Porsche 907K
SRC Porsche 907K
Slotcar SRC Porsche 907K  #27


SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS #65 Tour de France 1972

Pictures SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS
 SRC Ford Capri
SRC Ford Capri #65

27.02.2015 McLaren F1 GTR Gulf #41 24H Le Mans 1997

The McLaren F1 GTR was developed in the years 1989 - 1992 and between 1993 and 1997 built 106 times. 28 of them were converted as GT1 race cars, 72 pieces have been sold as a street-legal vehicles and the remaining 6  had been prototypes.

Pictures McLaren F1 GTR Gulf
Pics McLaren Gulf McLaren F1 GTR Gulf


Billboards of Proses
For more information, visit tips and tricks.

Proses billboards
Racetrack billboards


 News from Peters website. The Audi arc from the Nürburgring. Now available as  download.

Paper handicrafts

12.02.2015 Porsche 956 KH Gulf #3 1H Zwartkopfs 2005

Pictures Porsche 956 Gulf
Pics Porsche 956 Gulf Porsche 956 Gulf


Brand new:  A square beverage / refreshment pavilion in 7 variants  

Building scale 1:32

30.01.2015 New slot car pictures

Fly Porsche 917K Martini # 28 1000 km Austria ring 1971

The Porsche 917 was first presented  1969 at the Geneva Motor exhibition and belonged in the 70 years to the most successful racing car. 1970 Porsche managed the  first overall victory  at the 24H of Le Mans with the 917.

Pictures Fly Porsche 917K Martini
Slotracing Fly Porsche 917 Martini
Fly Porsche 917 Alfa 33/3 Tipo Motoradio #15 Casavel de Ouro 1973
Under the name Tipo 33,  in the period from 1967 to 1977 Alfa Romeo has built for racing purposes a series of prototype sport cars.With respect to the engine, chassis and wheelbase, differences were possible. But the mid-engine concept was the same for all Tipo 33.

Picture Alfa 33 Tipo Alfa 33 Tipo


The current Jim Hunt Magazine No.29 reports with many racecourse pictures about my racetrack project.

Jim Hunt Magazine


There are again some news on Peter's website. The start arc Goodwood is available now for download.

Building scale 1:32