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NSR Ford P68 #33 Brands Hatch 1968

In 1968/69 the Ford P68 was in the newly introduced class prototype to 3 liters at the start. But without success. For me the shape of the Ford 3L GT or F3L, as it is also called, is absolutely stunning.

NSR Ford P68 #33 Brands Hatch 1968
Slotcar picture NSR Ford P68
Slotracing pic NSR Ford P68


Racer Porsche 935 K3 Apple #71 24H Le Mans 1980

The Porsche 935 was built from 1976 to 1981 based on the Porsche 911 Turbo and is one of my absolute favorites. By winning the following titles the porsche 935 is one of the most successful production based racing cars:

1976-1979 winning the World Championship of Makes
1977 and 1979 winning the DRM
1979 winner of the 24H of Le Mans
1978-1982 winning the brand title of the IMSA GT Series
in the GTX and GTP-class


Slotcar picture Racer Porsche 935
Picture Racer Porsche 935
Racer Porsche 935 Apple


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The layout of my racetrack.
Created with the Carrera route planner.

Carrera route planner

14.12.2014 New pictures Porsche 956C Boss #18 24H Le Mans 1983
SRC Porsche 907K #276 Targa Florio 1969
With the 907K memories to the 60s are coming back. The 907K with the # 276 had its race at Targa Florio in 1969, a long distance race on public roads in the mountains of sicily.

Slocar pictures Porsche 956C Boss
Pics Porsche 956 Porsche 956C
Slotracing SRC Porsche 907
Picture SRC Porsche 907K

Image SRC Porsche 907

30.11.2014 New slotcar pictures Porsche 962 KH #27 WSPC 1000 km Fuji 1988 Mercedes C9 Kourus #61 Le Mans 1987
Scalextric Maserati Trofeo #99 Race Portimao 2012

Image Porsche 962 #27 WSPC 1000 km Fuji 1988
Images Porsche 956
Sltcar image Sauber Mercedes Kourus
Slotcar picture Sauber Mercedes Kourus
Slotracing Scalextric Maserati Trofeo
Picture Scalextric Maserati Trofeo
Scalextric Maserati Trofeo

20.11.2014 New pictures

MRRC Toyota Celica Group 5 #5
Ninco Renault Megane Trophy Bribus ATAG #14

Slotcar picture MRRC Toyota Celica
 MRRC Toyota Celica
Slotracing Ninco Renault Megane Trophy
 Ninco Renault Megane Trophy


2 days ago I was able to get a special deal on Ebay. The jewel is a Fly BMW 3.5 CSL 1.Nürburgring 1976 Cancer / Quester. The BMW was elaborately redecorated by Matthias Pohl and is therefore unique. More information at

Slotcar Images Fly BMW 3,5 CSL
Pictures Fly BMW 3,5
Fly BMW 3,5 CSL