My racing track - Racetrack Figures


On the track there are 340 figures, of them 205  self painted. I think, figures are bringing life to every track. Therefore, I have bought white MRRC racetrack figures and painted them. It is very time consuming, because it takes about 1 hour, to paint a figure perfectly. But I think, the effort is worth it. You can relax very well in this period and after work, you have unique figures. For painting, I used Revell Aqua Colours. These are odorless, dry quickly and can be painted easily. The only exceptions are the light colors. These need to be applied more than once, otherwise no coverage can be achieved.

MRRC figures
Figures for the racetrack
Racetrack figures from MRRC
Slotracing figures
Self painted figures
MRRC Figures 1:32
MRRC Figure Racing Driver
Racetrack Spectators
Rennbahn Zuschauer
Racetrack Figures Carrera
Carrera figures
MRRC Vendors & Newsman Figures
MRRC Track Officials Figures
MRRC Trackside Figure-Sets
Racetrack figures from MRRC
MRRC MC-5093
Figures MRRC, Carrera, Frömter
Racetrack viewers
Viewers for the racetrack
Racetrack figures scale 1:32
MRRC Track Officials Figures
Figures MRRC, Frömter, Carrera scale1:32
Racetrack figures MRRC Officials
MRRC figures  set 1:32
Racetrack figure set
Slotracing picture
Figures for the Carrera racetrack
Carrera Racetrack image
Figures for the racetrack scenery
Carrera, MRRC, Scalextric
MRRC Racingteam
Figures Carrera Scale1:32
MRRC Track Officials Figures Set MC-5091
MRRC Spectators Figures Set MC-5092
MRRC Drivers & Pitcrew Figures  MC-5091